A Perfect 14

"This year's highly anticipated A Perfect 14, a documentary on women reshaping the fashion industry and the beauty standards of society through plus-size modeling."
- Vogue Italia

"A Perfect 14 is opening up a new conversation about the media's culpability in perpetuating obsolete beauty standards, easily making this film one of the most important projects in the fashion world right now."
- Huffington Post

"The documentary ... offers an unflinching look at the modelling business and its often unforgiving treatment of women with curves."
- Daily Mail UK

"What if in the fashion world size 0 stopped being the norm? What if a size 14 woman was also considered beautiful? What if all women were seen as beautiful regardless of their dress size? These are the thoughts that come to mind after watching the trailer for the documentary A Perfect 14."
- Cosmopolitan (Spain)

"The first trailer for A Perfect 14 - a documentary on the plus-size modelling industry, the women working in it and weight discrimation - has been released, and if these three minutes of footage are anything to go by, it's going to be a must-see."
- My Daily

"A Perfect 14, the activist documentary for plus size models"
- Melty Fashion